9 Top-rated Family African Islands

Africa altogether consists of 47 countries. Constituting the island territories, Africa consists of 53 countries. The enchanting and fascinating nature of sovereign island countries like Madagascar, Comoros, and Mauritius are fascinating to world travellers as the mesmerising beauty enthrals their reminiscent memories associated with the trip. 

The islands of Africa are the major geographical sub-region areas. Their distinct topography, along with its socio-cultural and demographic dividends, adds to the platonic experience of the African islands. Moreover, the country’s location adds to the vivid multicultural existentialism that modernity thrives for.

African exoticism is one of the world’s splendours, highly known for its travel-enriching yet exotic experiences.

These are some of the most captivating destinations for people enthused with travelling and explorations. Suppose you are one of the explorers willing to embark upon mesmerising world travel expeditions. In that case, this destination can suffice your thrust of travelling with its crystal clear seawaterssandy beachesenriching marine experiences, and historical connotations. Moreover, the locals appreciate various cultural backgrounds with which the travels correlate their identities.

Furthermore, The island beauties add to the charismatic adventures and depict how the eastern coasts of Africa are popular for their various incredible islands, each connected to the Indian Ocean marine life.

Here’s your guide to the most inexplicable getaways of African Island that one shouldn’t miss out onto

1) Mauritius 

The Republic of Mauritius is an archipelago by the islands of Mauritius, Rodriguez, Saint Brandon and Agalega. 

It has borne out its cultural references from African, European and Indian influences, along with its innumerable options of beach resorts and stunning shores. 

It is also a world-class sphere that dominates activities like scuba diving and sea fishing. Yet, at its very core, the island caresses various habitats of different mammals, birds, and plant species. 

Highlights: This destination is impeccable regarding short yet rejuvenating adventures, as it is one of the most preferred destinations for a Honeymoon.

2) Comoros

Comoros lies on the east coast of Africa and is also considered the most significant East African island. However, Comoros, with its adjacent beaches, extravagant coral reefs, and rainforests, amalgamates Swahili and Arabian culture, which is detrimental to its pupil identity and ethnicity. Moreover, Mohéli/Mwali is one of the smallest of the three major African islands present, holistically constituting the nation of Comoros. 

Mohélis Marine Park is the only national park on the Comoros island that celebrates the island’s enriching yet peculiar species. And it is also called the nature island, and supports ecotourism, allowing travellers to gain deep oceanic experiences. The localities and their naive presence add to the island’s tranquillity and is highly appalling.

3) Madagascar

Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island for its surplus flora and fauna. 90% of the whole wildlife of Madagascar is exquisite, and this enrichment of marine life can hardly be found anywhere. 

Nosy Be, the archipelago’s largest island, is highly acknowledged for its vibrancy that brings utter joy unexplored to travellers. 

The expensive restaurants, hotels, and shops, along with the exotic island, ensures that the harmonious and tranquil nature is overtly maintained irrespective of the travel Expedition this island faces.

4) Tunisia Island

The North African island map will escort you through Djerba in the Mediterranean Sea; one of the most important North African islands and is situated right off the coast of Tunisia. 

It is one of the known tourist destinations in Tunisia and features a variety of activities to enjoy, such as diving, snorkelling, biking, or just sunbathing.

Djerba is a popular tourist destination with many sandy beaches and excellent dining options.

Insider Tip: If you go a somewhat strange beaten track and explore some quieter countryside, you will find beaches lined with palm trees. You can also see some beautiful abandoned houses that date back to 300 BC.

5) Zanzibar Island

One of the largest islands in Africa. It’s demographically located at the offshores of the coast of Tanzania. 

  • Zanzibar is well known for its trading culture due to its demographic positioning. 
  • Some well-known places to visit in Zanzibar island include Stone Town, Changuu, Jozani Chwaka Bay and the Old Fort of Zanzibar. 
  • It’s also known for its bazaar culture and the mosque architecture that has added to its ancestral history.

6) Lamu Island

Lamu Island is known for its “bizarre” Old Town. The square is located in the heart of the town and was developed as a tourist attraction. It is an East African Swahili settlement over 600 years old. According to historians, it’s the oldest and one of the best-protected towns in the region.

The town is mainly made out of coral stone, and mangrove timber and the houses here have inner courtyards, verandas, and intricately carved doors.

Another exciting thing that makes this place unique on the map of the East African island is that there are no roads, so it’s hard to find any cars except for alleyways and walking trails.

7) São Tomé and Príncipe

Sao Tome Island is the most extensive and populous island in Sao Tome and Principe. As a result, many people here speak Portuguese.

This island off the coast of Central Africa is popular with tourists because of the opportunities to enjoy adventurous sports. And those seeking a dose of adrenaline can snorkel in the Indian Ocean.

São Tomé and Príncipe is an island off the coast of Africa with a Lost World vibe.

Insider Tip: One should explore the quaint and sleepy village of fishermen. They also have great coffee, chocolate, and bird-watching opportunities.

8) Seychelles 

The island of Seychelles is located on the eastern coast of Kenya. Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands. Compared to the other African islands, Seychelles has the smallest population present.

Prasoon, which is known as one of the second largest islands of Seychelles in Africa, was earlier a hideout place Form for the then-Arab pirates and merchants. However, the island remembers its stranded positions to mercantilism. Nevertheless, it still stands as a pillar of strength. 

Its Carrebianism, along with Mediterranean candour, concerns its natural beauty of island life and restaurant cuisines with a tint of Indianism. 

The island’s luxury is often concerned with the growing travel expeditions endeavoured by travellers. Talking of the exquisite marine stem, Aldabra giant tortoises and pelagic seabirds are some of the famous marine Organisms that find their home here.

9) Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde, one of the known significant islands on the West Coast of Africa, is a perfect getaway for tourists who want to enjoy African culture.

Considered a trendy island, Sal is where most people visit. It’s also one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the African archipelago.

  • The island of São Tomé and Príncipe is a significant landmark on the African continent. It’s a must-see spot for travellers who want to experience Africa with as few modern conveniences as possible.
  • The island’s name, ‘Sal,’ means salt in Portuguese, and the white sandy beaches and easy accessibility make it a popular tourist destination.
  • Santa Maria is embellished with colourful homes and a variety of places to eat. The town also has a number of events and live music opportunities.

Highlights: Sal is known for its vibrant nightlife. Cape Verde is the most popular honeymoon destination on the African mainland.


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